Laura’s Bio w/ Links Mentioned Plus Others:

If we just start at the beginning, I graduated from UCLA with a BS in
Nursing. I worked a short time in pediatrics and on a cardiology floor
before becoming a full time wife and mother.
Being a full time wife and mother has consisted of co-parenting 7 children
with my wonderful husband, including teaching them at home through
high school level (since most people still think in terms of government
school vocabulary). Our college-age children, in particular, say they are not
done with our teaching them, as they need to debrief after college classes!
One of our daughters died of leukemia just before she turned 14, after two
years of intense medical treatment. I have written a book about that, partly
because I remember reading a couple of books when I was younger where
the main character died and it was very thought provoking for me. This
short story, Melody’s Life Savings, is available on Amazon in kindle or print
versions, as well as audiobook read by me.
I have been blogging for about 10 years, ever since I decided to try it when
we went to live in Taiwan for a few months. This has turned into 5 blogs: (“Homesteading,” including gardening, sewing,
chickens, plus reviews of chocolate shops and some travel. Associated
with this blog is a book co-authored with my husband How to Build a
Backyard Brick Oven From Scratch, which is currently my best seller on
Amazon.) (With an emphasis on barefoot running, swimming,
healthy aging, and documenting our Swimming Pool Project of an Endless
Pool in my back yard. I also have an associated book called Why Does
Grandma Run Barefoot? I contend that it is quite possible to be strong and
have stamina “after a certain age.” When we go out dancing, most young
people can’t keep up with us.) (Here I hope to encourage parents as they raise
thoughtful, informed children, with an obvious bias for staying out of
government schools. I also write about liberty minded issues in ways that I
hope are meaningful to the average person who thinks politics is confusing
and annoying. Associated with this blog, I have written 2 children’s books
with a strong emphasis on family interaction. Each book has a section
encouraging post-story investigation by the children:
The Blue Fish [I am working on re-doing the cover for this one]
and A Million Rocks) (When we lived in Taiwan, I started learning
Chinese, fulfilling a life long dream of mine to learn a second language.
Since returning to the US, I found a native speaker to tutor me, who both
lives near me AND taught her own children at home in Taiwan! Needless to
say, we are now great friends and have a lot of fun discussing language
together. She carefully corrects all Chinese I post. She has also helped me
write two Fun Learning Chinese books, which are in the style of children’s
stories [same ones listed above], but with full translations diagrammed out.
We are working on a third Fun Learning Chinese book now.)

A Million Rocks in Chinese

The Blue Fish in Chinese (After reading an impromptu news-story-style version
of the Christmas story I had written, my son-in-law encouraged me to write more similar stories. This website now has such stories covering
much of Genesis through Leviticus. I also have a category called Religious
Vocabulary Word of the Day, something I started with my kids years ago.
More recently, I have also written discussions of topics such as What Does
God Think About Women and Do You Really Want to Go to Heaven?
Besides that, I am a musician. I have played the flute for about 45 years. I
forced myself to learn to play some by ear about 25 years ago and have
been able to take part in some local jam sessions as a result. Another lifelong
dream of mine was learning to play the piano and guitar, which I
started a few months ago. I also sing whenever I get a chance.