Elementary School Classroom Raided During Straw Challenge Project

It was a normal day at Sherman Elementary School in San Francisco when the science teacher instructed the class to build the tallest tower you can with just straws and tape! The kids were eager to show off their skills, and one child noted that my dad is an engineer; we totally got this boys!

The challenge was quickly halted when around 9:24am, five tanks, several swat teams, and a swarm of helicopters surrounded the school and eventually made their way into the classroom.

Slowly, and I repeat, slowly slide the straws toward us they yelled on the megaphone as the frightened children tried to cooperate.

The teacher even tried to intervene by saying there arent any more I promise; all the straws are out on the tables! and to which one of the armed men called her an ocean terrorist and went on a long rant about straws and turtles.

Reports are now saying that a driver of one the tanks has committed suicide. His wife had called him during the raid to inform him that he must get rid of his new sportscar, because apparently cars are made up of 50%+ plastics by volume!